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More stickmen from the past couple of months


Sunset Meeting

Posted in Architecture on October 27, 2008 by alexpkaiser

Sunset Meeting
A meeting in the sunset. A haiku-like spatial abstraction: two people coming together for a few seconds, suspended in mid-air, in a moment of risk that creates a moment of absolute beauty: the outlines of the city glimmering way below, spreading out toward the horizon, embracing the earth. And next? A drink? A kiss? A jump?

The contemporary urban condition is one of division and separation, of distances and longing. This alternative meeting point bridges that gap with an architectural statement made of steel and glass: a minimal new connection that creates not only new vantage points of the city, but new nodes in the urban network of buildings that make up that same city, a new grid hovering above the streetscape. An architecture that plays with notions of fear and beauty. Effect wrapped in affect. A skydive without the fall.