Concept Bike

Been working on this bike for a couple of days now. It’s a concept bike! The main idea behind it is the way it’s driven, one could say it’s driven like a horse. By this I mean you use your legs to stear as well as accelerate. The front wheel are turned by the “reins” while the back wheels by your feet (perhaps this is also interchangeable). The front wheel has a large turning circle due to the axis being so low and to the rear, but this is compensated by the back wheel having the ability to turn also.  The body is semi-ridged, most likely a series of hinges covered with a cladding,  alowing the whole thing to twist with the movements of the bike, (some of this idea came from the snakeboard that used to be big a couple of years ago). These series of hinges is then connected to a tensioned suspension cage. The small body is to allow this twist, therefore the idea is to move the engine into the wheel, front and back, with only the fuel coming from the body. (the original idea was to have the whole engine in the front, essentially dragging the back wheel through the tension cables.)  I can image it would be quite tricky to ride with perhaps a lot of balance issues!

This as you can guess is super in development. Quite fun too. I’ll post some progress sketches in the next couple of days. Going to start working on a 3d model also (I hope) in line with the sketches and paintings to try clarify how it may work!


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