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Lots of Photographs

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Lots of photographs – There are some photos from the amazing birthday my girlfriend threw for me – she organised my friends to come over from Ireland and my brother from Bristol! Alongside that is the trip to Oxford we took the other day – Pitt Rivers, which I recommend everyone to go to (honestly who doesn’t like a shrunken head or two…) and the science museum. There are some really amazing creations there, hand crafted, precision metal machining – amazing stuff! Alrighty, hope you like the photos, more videos that I have been meaning to upload coming soon –

– Alex.


Broken Perception

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Another quick sketch of an idea I thought up the other day in relation to the explosion project. It has to do with multi-dimensionality! and exaggerated gestures….

The second is a continuation of a series of sketches I am producing to do with exploding landscape and city elements in an experimental manner to see how it affects things architecturally, more specific and worked out information coming soon (along with some more developed paintings)

And a photo from the faro islands from my archives, taken in 2007 I think sailing off the Faro islands. Each island had a nice little cloud hat on them. Very beautiful country! If you haven’t had the chance to go you should. (Especially for St. Olaf’s day!)


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Hong Kong

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More from Hong Kong!





Hong Kong

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This is the Title!

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