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Lots of Photographs

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Lots of photographs – There are some photos from the amazing birthday my girlfriend threw for me – she organised my friends to come over from Ireland and my brother from Bristol! Alongside that is the trip to Oxford we took the other day – Pitt Rivers, which I recommend everyone to go to (honestly who doesn’t like a shrunken head or two…) and the science museum. There are some really amazing creations there, hand crafted, precision metal machining – amazing stuff! Alrighty, hope you like the photos, more videos that I have been meaning to upload coming soon –

– Alex.


Looking around

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Here’s a quick speedpaint, about an hour – painted over a sketch. Nothing to fancy, had a play with the graphic overlays afterwards, which I think I prefer. Just playing with some brushwork etc. Part of broken perception, as a test. At the bottom is the initial sketch which I uploaded a couple of days ago. 

Rambling Man Sketches

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Here are some sketches from a rambling man…….

Portrait Practice

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Starting to play with more portrait work.  Mainly stylized rather than pure realism.  This first one is a self-portrait, analyzing some elements of the face in more detail. The other 4 have a more  playful/quick approach – trying to catch a little dynamism within the poses. Some are the beginning of an attempt to work graphics/line work into painterly setting. Experimenting is fun!