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Dancing With Architecture #2

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Running Through architecture



Mole skin Gel Pen sketches

Posted in Architecture, Sketches with tags , on July 10, 2011 by alexpkaiser

A little to much of a lack of updates in the last month – here are a series of sketches that i did today with the new found love of the bic gel pen – it works really well with a brush pen, the ink is quite loose and creates  great wash. More, perhaps intellectually challenging stuff coming soon, (for myself at least!…….).

Wearing Architecture #1 Vantage Point

Posted in Architecture, Sketches with tags , , on June 8, 2011 by alexpkaiser

A sketch playing with the idea of being able to prop yourself outside buildings in order to get better/higher view to draw. There are balconies, windows and so on, but there is a tendency for them to be private, inaccessible from the inside – instead, how about introducing a series of external waypoints to create invisible infrastructures for those willing to discover them. The idea of manipulating high edges/surfaces of buildings and extracting these into individual spaces that are not easily accessible. Not space for the masses, but spaces that reward effort. If you are willing to get a serious injury in order to experience something unique is it worth it? Perhaps a sort of ground based skydiving, or mountain climbing. Inserting unique tailored programmatic areas (Drawing vantage points, best place to see the sunrise, watch a parade….) around london to be found by anyone willing to push a bit harder to get there. As the quantities of these build up we could see the introduction of spatial geo-caching, iphone apps that beam down locations in your vicinity and allow you vantage points that you have not experienced before. As for how they are built – perhaps that’s another sketch.

When buildings attack. Or at least get up.

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2 more quick sketches


Operational Drawings

Posted in Architecture, conceptart, Sketches with tags , , , on May 12, 2011 by alexpkaiser

Again…. Combining multiple perspectives, orthographics and other projections to catalyse thumbnail sketches.  Drawing not only the formal, but the choreography/dynamics and the invisible. Soon I will update with a little more description one one image.

Multiple Projections Moleskin

Posted in Architecture, Sketches with tags , , , , on May 7, 2011 by alexpkaiser

3 Drawings – 1 Plan, 2 perspectives projected from the plan in 2 different directions. Top down, and 2 point. Each is exploring a slight variation in the other drawings. The Third drawing is beginning to look at multiple timelines within one drawing through framing.

Fun method of creating them – if you are using a moleskin the pages are just thin enough to allow you to trace over your previous image. Skip a page and draw the first drawing – then you can go back one page and trace over the sketch and on the flip side of the original page trace and develop the sketch also. – So you can explore one drawing twice more and do x-ray/projections/clean line drawing etc.

Pencil Architecture Projection Sketches

Posted in Architecture, Sketches with tags , , , on May 6, 2011 by alexpkaiser

Here are a couple more sketches. Exploring the interplay between plan, section and elevation – Scale, extraction of the diagram, and translation to different projections.