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The Architect

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Wooden Landscapes

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Quick 20 min Painting in Photoshop using a previous model and playing with colour palettes

Broken Perceptions

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Another speedy, with some graphic overlays – it is fun experimenting with how breaking up the picture into “frames” affects the reading and timeline of the image. Again sketching with multiple things happening in one timeframe, or being shown in one frame. and how to start representing that through sketching and overlays (very much sketches of course at this time!)


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Automatic thinking.

Looking around

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Here’s a quick speedpaint, about an hour – painted over a sketch. Nothing to fancy, had a play with the graphic overlays afterwards, which I think I prefer. Just playing with some brushwork etc. Part of broken perception, as a test. At the bottom is the initial sketch which I uploaded a couple of days ago. 

The Big Bang

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Here are a couple more image based around an entropic project I’m playing with at the moment. They are not as aggressive as they look! – More an issue with exploring dynamics within space, how to navigate around it – and of course being particularly liberal with the laws of physics…….

These are mainly thumbnails that will (hopefully soon) get developed into more full scale paintings, I’ll be a bit more desctiptive about the idea and the spatial relationships once they are better illustrated!


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Here is a cityscape, initially the ideas was to make large blocks of city buildings move slowly around by machinery (think a near Bill Viola effect but on a cityscape scale). A constantly shifting slow motion environment where alleys slowly close, neighbours change and the inside shifts to outside. Of course I’m not sure if this really comes across in the painting but it’s perhaps a nice start for another painting, or even a project.  This painting gave me more of a feel about a materiality and rustyness to the space. So it was fun to do. Robo-City

Here is the process video for it: Done in about 4 hours or so