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Still Liking my Pencil

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Liking My Pencil Again

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I bought a big extra large Moleskin, and now I have started to draw with a pencil consistently again. I like my Pencil.


Broken Perceptions

Posted in Sketches, Speedpainting, Stickmen with tags , , , , , on September 7, 2010 by alexpkaiser

Another speedy, with some graphic overlays – it is fun experimenting with how breaking up the picture into “frames” affects the reading and timeline of the image. Again sketching with multiple things happening in one timeframe, or being shown in one frame. and how to start representing that through sketching and overlays (very much sketches of course at this time!)


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These are some stickmen that I did a year or so ago, can’t remember when! Playing with gesture and fast figure drawing.drawing-1drawing-3drawing-4drawing-5drawing-6

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More stickmen from the past couple of months