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When buildings attack. Or at least get up.

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2 more quick sketches



Overlay Madness

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Intensifying spatial discovery through overlay.

Broken Perception

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Another quick sketch of an idea I thought up the other day in relation to the explosion project. It has to do with multi-dimensionality! and exaggerated gestures….

The second is a continuation of a series of sketches I am producing to do with exploding landscape and city elements in an experimental manner to see how it affects things architecturally, more specific and worked out information coming soon (along with some more developed paintings)

And a photo from the faro islands from my archives, taken in 2007 I think sailing off the Faro islands. Each island had a nice little cloud hat on them. Very beautiful country! If you haven’t had the chance to go you should. (Especially for St. Olaf’s day!)

The Big Bang

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Here are a couple more image based around an entropic project I’m playing with at the moment. They are not as aggressive as they look! – More an issue with exploring dynamics within space, how to navigate around it – and of course being particularly liberal with the laws of physics…….

These are mainly thumbnails that will (hopefully soon) get developed into more full scale paintings, I’ll be a bit more desctiptive about the idea and the spatial relationships once they are better illustrated!

Portrait Practice

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Starting to play with more portrait work.  Mainly stylized rather than pure realism.  This first one is a self-portrait, analyzing some elements of the face in more detail. The other 4 have a more  playful/quick approach – trying to catch a little dynamism within the poses. Some are the beginning of an attempt to work graphics/line work into painterly setting. Experimenting is fun!

Some more moleskin sketches

Posted in Architecture, Sketches with tags , , on February 20, 2010 by alexpkaiser

Here are a couple more moleskin sketches. Some strange architecture perhaps!

Works In Progress!

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Been a little while, been working on some illustrations lately, trying to get into the groove of doing more whole pieces, hence the following! Also playing with a bunch of sketching and trying to improve the old perspective skills! The next two below are a work in progress of the dragonfly. Almost there……. maybe! Alex_Kaiser_dragonfly-proceAlex_Kaiser_sketch-04Alex_Kaiser_sketch-01Alex_Kaiser_sketch-02Alex_Kaiser_sketch-05Alex_Kaiser_sketch-03